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The tram lines are open, city blockades have lifted and Manchester is stronger together than ever before.

When we were moving to the UK it was important for me to live in a place we wouldn’t feel like outsiders. I wanted to walk amongst the locals and feel like I was one of them – especially since we are here for 2 years at least.

The moment we were settled in our house, Manchester was home. If we mention we are from Australia we are told about these amazing local gems to discover, how beautiful Didsbury is, or end up talking over a pint about the weather and the Mancunians.

The most “Manchester” thing about the people is their immense capacity to keep on working and supporting the people around them whether they’re friends or strangers – they just do and don’t think twice about it.

There is never a sense of “other” to the Mancunians.

The terrible tragedy that was the Manchester attack happened two weeks ago now, and has taken 22 lives with repercussions to families, friends and complete strangers across the globe. As someone who relocated to the city three months ago, it was a real shock to wake up to worried messages from home in Australia and really put into perspective for me how connected the world is.

Today, I was absolutely taken aback by a video from Business Insider UK, courtesy of The Life of BakoThis guy standing in St Annes Square where we strolled through the weekend before the attack blindfolded and asking for people to trust him enough for a hug. While the gesture of Bako standing there is already heartwarming – it is the words of those who are hugging him that truly inspire me.

It is just another example of how close the city really is – for locals, expats, and people passing through. What a town.



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