The one month itch

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Job hunting can take many shapes and forms over a number of hours, days, weeks, months and eons. Patience is a virtue that decides to wander a bit when it has been doing well for so long, and usually does this around the one month mark.

I don’t know where it goes or what it does. Maybe Patience catches up with Cool, Calm and Collected over a bottle of red. I just know that one moment it is there and the next a big, blaring neon ‘UNEMPLOYED’ sign you didn’t see before appears. We all know the sign was there all along, but because you were focussed on making your resume look awesome, good juju, and proactive action you had all those endorphins from making calls and sending emails coursing through your veins. There was no room for doubt!

But then you feel it. The one month itch.

I thought because I had been warned about the itch I would be able to slip past the worry. I thought that because I had received such great advice from fellow expats I would see the signs and be able to ignore them. But patience wanders, doubt on your abilities can creep in, and sometimes you just need a bottle of red.

When I moved over I was confident that within 2 months I would find a job. I have support from my friends and family, a UK phone number, and 5 days a week to contact recruiters and HR teams giving myself the weekend off so I wouldn’t burn out.

Job hunting is not easy anywhere around the world. One of the Aussies I have met so far has said it took her 2 months to start her job, and another friend 6 months of consistent job searching. My fellow expat The Roaming Blonde has also written about how New York City can push you in ways you didn’t know you could be pushed in work and life. It is no different here in Manchester. If job hunting was easy national unemployment rates would be a lot lower than 5% of the population and less tabloids about there being a skills shortage in the marketplace.

At the one month mark I still have a whole month to secure a job and achieve my goal. And yet, even though I am fully aware I still have another month, I am scratching.

The best piece of advice I have received is to watch out for this one month itch, acknowledge it is there, and acknowledge all of the things you have achieved up to this point. After all it has only been one month!

The itch can tempt you with the option of settling for less in the hopes that the job you really want will come along soon. This is the easy option and only the temporary solution to a long term goal. Don’t do it to yourself.

You can get to the point where you think you want to take anything. You want a job to keep you occupied, you want stability, you want an income. I get it, I am there with you, but eventually you move passed it.

Negativity has a huge impact on your frame of mind and confidence, so stop scratching, get the balm out and make a new move.

What can you do different?  
List the things you did that caught someone’s attention (I love lists and keeping them simple is key!). Look at what you’ve been doing over the past month. What has worked and what hasn’t worked at getting an interview or phone call?

  • Did contact via email, phone, or LinkedIn work better?
  • Was it when you attached a cover letter even when they didn’t ask for one?
  • Is there a particular job site you were able to find more roles to apply for directly to the potential employer?
  • Is a follow up call or email the best way to stay in touch with recruiters and HR departments about jobs?
  • How do you try something new – even if it is out of your comfort zone – to get your foot in the door?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going… again.

So crack on!


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