What is Wanderlust?

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Wanderlust is the strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. It is also more commonly known as the travel bug that bites.

The noun originates from 1850s in Germany, where wandern means to wander and lust is most translates to desire. It can be an impulse, a burning distraction, or even just an idea. And even if you think you’ve never felt it before, the moment you do you’ll know it.

When I was little my family used to go on annual trips when school finished. They were the kind of trips you remember in photos though – my sister and I were too little really to soak in every beach or horse ride we went on.

Wanderlust bit me on my first trip to New York. I was 15 years old, my sister 14, and we went with our step family for a whole month to explore the United States! Coming back to Brisbane I was never the same.

If you get the chance to travel I would recommend doing it. For me I’ve found a few things that really drive my wanderlust which you will read throughout my articles, and I’ve got a couple of tips to nudge you a little on your way. Don’t forget to comment with your own tips and tricks for travel below!

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1. Subscribe to everything!
Having the cheapest fairs delivered to your inbox can be very handy, especially if you look at them each week to compare. You’ll begin to develop a keen eye for what’s a good special and what’s just a tantalising option.

Start small by following domestic flights. When you’re feeling confident – or just want to jump in head first! – select the countries or continents that interest you most for a start then work your way down your list.

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2. Budget
So of course while you are looking at all of these amazing deals, the next order of business is budgeting. One of the biggest things that can stop someone from travelling is money. Money money money, it seems like the world revolves around it. But when you start travelling you realise it doesn’t. At the centre of every universe is a culture, a language to learn, or interesting food to devour.

I’ve tried putting cash away in a secret box and only transferring 10% of every pay… that didn’t really work for me. I have a ‘liquid’ emergency account that I can access should I need anything. I recommend transferring as much of your pay over as possible into this liquid account, and only take out $50 at a time to use as spending money. This way every time you transfer extra money out you can wager it against buying an extra drink out in your local OR! buying an extra drink in a city half way round the world…

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3. Have a really good suitcase on standby
But don’t make it too good. You’ve all heard the stories of suitcases being battered in transit – it won’t happen every time but you want to make sure you have a hard case so nothing gets damaged inside. If you book that last minute trip you want a great go-to bag to full up and roll on into the airport.

I recommend having a carry on too with a change of clothes, toiletries, and roll-on deodorant with plenty of tissues, moisturiser, and charge. This can be as pretty as you like! The more unique and special it is the less likely you are to forget it rushing to the connecting flight after a 20hr leg.

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4. Travel by yourself
Don’t let the fear of the unknown, money, or lack of preparation stop you from booking your trip of a lifetime. And most importantly – try not to let the fears of others stop you.

When you have a support network around you that cares for your safety you know they’re looking out for you. But one of the most amazing journeys I’ve had so far was the one I booked by myself 2 months before I was set to take off. I had my Mum, Sister, Aunt and Nan tell me I was crazy – “How could you! Didn’t you ask anyone else? Are you going to have a mobile? What if you get taken – Liam Neeson is not going to be there and I am no where near qualified Brianna!”

Looking back a year later I think I kind of was crazy! But hey – it’s the wanderlust. It’s impulsive and it’s strong and it burns at the core of your existence. Sometimes when you’ve been bit you just have to ride it out and wait until the next wave hits. And then book another flight… and ride it out… then book another…

Well, you get the idea ~


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