My First Post

my first post

It has come to my attention that I am a writer who doesn’t write.

There are untouched notebooks in a draw and pens and a bucket of stationery just begging to be used. Yet no real evidence of the written word. It had me wondering what it meant to be a writer in the first place and where it was my food for thought came from.

Travel. Food. Tea. Friends. Nights out. Morning sun. Living local.           

It was all of the above.

For every trip I have taken I feel this urge to write down what I had done and seen in the day – just to make sure I captured all of the small details I knew I would forget in a week or two time. I believe planning is almost as fun as the trip itself and hearing about other people’s travels feeds our soul for adventure.

When I visit a new café, restaurants, bar, pub or hole in the wall somewhere I feel this need to take a photo of the experience – in between salivating over my wine and scoffing down the deliciousness – or tell my friends about it. It lets them know I’m thinking of them and hopefully will have an excuse to go back too.

Although who needs an excuse for more food right? ‘Cause this jalapeño bagel isn’t going to eat itself every week at the markets unless I’m there…

I love tea. Tea was meant to be shared. I love the history of tea and the way it has been infused into cultures – each culture seeping or infusing it differently and for different purposes. There is nothing that a good brew cannot fix – you just have to find the right one.

Morning sun is something I can never get enough of. I can enjoy it in bed, on the balcony, by the river, and through my kitchen window. There are so many things I can get done in the mornings too. Simple life hacks that just make future Bree’s life a little easier and makes present Bree work out a little. Sometimes it works, aaaand sometimes it doesn’t. You’ll be able to tell by the article which one it was.

So with an emphasis on all of the above I am going to start writing again and call up my creative side. Most of the images I use will hopefully be taken by myself, but I have been introduced to Canva and it has turned into a love affair.

My goal is just to write for the love of writing and hopefully share something of meaning for others along the way.

~ Bree




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